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Dalena is a true visionary, constantly rsearching innovative learning methods, networking, and visiting various microschools and homeschool co-ops. Always willing to try new things, she encourages others to think outside the box and try creative methods of education.

In 2015, as a homeschool mom of 6, she quickly realized that she could not do the homeschool thing all alone.  She began to invite other kids into her home and offered to share the workload with another homeschooling mom, (Devan).  From 2017-2020 she taught and served on the board of a couple of co-ops in the area. These opportunities helped her gain the experience and confidence needed to begin stepping out to offer services to others in the community who did not have a supportive homeschool group.  In 2018 she formed a scholé community group, Apollos Scholé Community, with Devan and Larissa.

Today she manages Apollos, providing classes and social activities for 30 plus kids, and operates a Prenda Microschool for kids in 2nd-8th grade.  She also began AIM Educational Collaborative LLC to help provide assistance and coaching for others who would like to try Autonomous, Innovative, and Missional educational models.  Her next goal is to help meet the needs of high school students in the area by opening a microschool called AIM High. 

Dalena Wallace: Team
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