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AIM Educational Collaborative LLC is dedicated to helping others think outside the box when it comes to education!  We love to promote and support others who would like to offer classes, start co-ops, or open microschools in their area.

As a growing movement, we divide our time and efforts so that we can truly invest in each cause.  Primarily, this is done by managing a co-op and microschool (which are both easily able to be duplicated).  We are constantly collaborating with other innovative educators and doing research to continue learning.  We also learn by trying out new educational models and sharing our experience with others.

Since 2017, we have helped to organize a variety of enhancement activities for students  and have hosted community events to help families learn about their options.  We’ve used these events to encourage others to be creative and  start serving families in their area. We love offering support to other innovative thinkers!

Below are some of the ways we offer that support.

Mission: About Us



Our purpose is to honor God as we gather for support and fellowship, and to enrich our children's education through creative and quality pursuits.

Our style is "Scholé" - Classical, Communal, Flexible, Restful


  • We try to select Classical curriculum for our students. We have begun to discuss and consider our vision for our future as a Classical group!



  • We are a community of Christ-followers. We want to honor Him by loving and serving one another. All classes will be taught from a Christian perspective.

  • We all work together. All moms are asked to either teach or help in a class and to be at the school all day; kids are asked to help with set-up and clean-up.

  • We are a community where each voice is heard and each person is valued. To foster our community we ask that each mom is here during their student’s class time (this could be flexible).


  • We plan to change and develop along the way.  Each member is welcome to bring her ideas and skills to the group. 


  • There is a Latin term “festina lente”, which is translated “make haste slowly”.  The concept behind that phrase is that we want to take our time and do things well.  With this in mind, we select our classes carefully.  We are intentional about doing a few things well rather than trying to fit too much into one day.

  • We do not want our teachers to be stretched too thin, so we limit our class sizes to each teacher’s preference

  • If a student does not necessarily need a particular class that is offered, they may use that time to do their own work with their mom in a separate Study Hall classroom. 

Classes we offer or have offered include Science, Art, Music, Grammar, Writing & Rhetoric, Logic, Worldview, Baking and Children's Games.

We are not looking to expand, but we would gladly help other homeschool families replicate this model.

Mission: Welcome


2021 - 2022

In an effort to expand her experience and understanding of current trends in education, and to learn how to help families with new or unique needs during the COVID crisis, Dalena, along with the AIM Board, started a Microschool. Using the Prenda model, and partnering with a local public school system, the three families met together weekly in Dalena's home.

To learn more about how to start your own Microschool, reach out to Dalena, or check out Prenda's website.

Mission: Welcome


New in 2022!

This program is designed to operate as a hybrid microschool for grades 9th-12th.  By designing our scope and sequence of curriculum that includes a mix of in-person, online, and college courses, AIM High will help students align with state standards and get ahead on their path to college and careers.  Most of the students’ coursework will be completed independently with at least one course per semester held in person.

We encourage high school students to have autonomy in their education and will provide a variety of options for core classes such as upper level Math, Science and English Comp.  We will also provide an opportunity for weekly social interaction to share goals, provide feedback from peers, and celebrate achievements together.  Students participating in AIM High will have a solid and encouraging community of peers and supportive adults to walk their high school journey together.

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Mission: About



The forums were events geared toward connecting homeschoolers in our county. It was a joint effort between several  organizations and coordinated by the AIM Board, and it's purpose was to encourage, educate, support, and connect families and individuals. Legislators were also present to answer legal questions regarding homeschooling in Kansas.

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Mission: About


2017 - 2019

Every few months, Dalena opened her home to the broader homeschool community and invited all homeschool moms to join her for coffee and fellowship. Her goal was to create a relaxed atmosphere where burdens or blessings could be freely shared and prayed over. She also had veteran homeschool moms, or "Mentor Moms," share wisdom from their many years of experience.

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