Dalena is a true visionary, constantly researching innovative learning methods, networking, and visiting various microschools and homeschool co-ops. Always willing to try new things, she encourages others to think outside the box and try creative methods of education.

In 2015, as a homeschool mom of 6, she quickly realized that she could not do the homeschool thing all alone.  She began to invite other kids into her home and offered to share the workload with another homeschooling mom, (Devan).  From 2017-2020 she taught and served on the board of a couple of co-ops in the area. These opportunities helped her gain the experience and confidence needed to begin stepping out to offer services to others in the community who did not have a supportive homeschool group.  In 2018 she formed a scholé community group, Apollos Scholé Community, with Devan and Larissa.

Today she manages Apollos, providing classes and social activities for 30 plus kids, and operates a Prenda Microschool for kids in 2nd-8th grade.  She also began AIM Educational Collaborative LLC to help provide assistance and coaching for others who would like to try Autonomous, Innovative, and Missional educational models.  She operates a hybrid model microschool called AIM High.  She is also the founder of WISE, Wichita Innovative Schools and Educators, a collaboration of educational entrepreneurs in the Wichita area.


Vice President

Devan has a degree and experience in public education, and brings talent and insight into creating restful learning environments. Her desire is to minister to the hearts of moms and children, and to create safe spaces where deep relationships can flourish.

Devan has been married to Josh for 20 years, and together they have two beautiful children, Maylee Kayte and Maxton Dean.

Devan has a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education. She has experience teaching Pre-school, 3rd grade, and 5th grade in the public school system. Her husband is currently teaching 7th grade math at a nearby public school. She has been homeschooling for 10 years, and enjoys working along like-minded women.  Grammar, art, and preschool are some of the classes she has taught in the current homeschool coop.




Larissa loves doing life and school with her friends, Dalena and Devan, and her passion is to support them and other homeschool moms through her skills as an organizer and teacher. Her attention to detail and practical mindset enable Dalena's visions to become a reality.

Larissa is mom to three precious kiddos - 13-year-old Danny, 11-year-old Emily, and 1-year-old Corby. She and her husband, David, have ministered in a rural church for over 13 years, where Larissa serves as choir director and the chairman of the music committee. They have also fostered several children, and were blessed to adopt.

Larissa was homeschooled as a child, and loved her experience. She always knew in the back of her mind that she would homeschool her own children, and after adopting, she and her husband saw that keeping their children home would be best. They are in their 9th year homeschooling!

Larissa was part of a local co-op until she joined up with Dalena and Devan in 2017. Together, they taught their kids a variety of subjects, and Larissa started teaching through the Writing and Rhetoric curriculum by Classical Academic Press. She continues to teach these books in the co-op they started, Apollos Schole Community.

Larissa has also taught Shurley English, Choir, Music History, Children's Songs, Children's Games from Around the World, and Elementary Science. She has been the Secretary of Apollos Schole Community since it began. She also serves as secretary for the local homeschool choir director.